Saturday, 27 August 2011

Style Mentor: Anna Dello Russo

The artist talents of being a stylist have become so highly rated that it has become almost like dancing to The Wizard by Bat for Lashes. One thing we need to realize is that some people have and some just don't, bringing i the nature vs nurture arguments to challenge our philosophy we'll realize how relevant it has become to know the basic principles of styling for personal or commercial uses. Those born with it might just have it easy but of course is like a language, keeping it packet up somewhere will suppress it an later extincting it. Those that don't can through successive approximation get through to a point where they're even better that what they hadn't had. Skinner already said anyone can be anything given the right circumstances. Anna Dello Russo should be a separate discipline from the style field. She's the editor in chief and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She has a bachelors degree in Italian Literature and Art History and attended the Domus Academy Milan. Previously she spent 18 years at Condé Nast Italia as Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia and serving as Editor of L'Uomo Vogue from 2000-2006. She is self-described as a "passionate fashionista" and has been described by Helmut Network as a "fashion maniac". Dello Russo is often featured in popular street style blogs The Sartorialist and Jak & Jill. She has gone on record to state that she owns over 4,000 pairs of shoes. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, the clothing website printed 10 different shirts for sale, each with one of Dello Russo's top ten outfits. The shirts went on to sell out within the first day they were made available. She is Legend!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Streets Are Sweeter On The Style Side

The most amazing idea behind having a stylish mind is that you don't have to go by the rules all the time so you know exactly what that means, F.U.N! The Colour In The Desert Fashion Week has brought us again another chance to set fire to the rain, attain the impossible with very little effort...and money. Basics of it is that you know well what kind of style you're suited for.
We made sure we were suited for the experimental socialite training...Liiqe (Lorraine) - a head wrap popping some colour into a simple tank-top, tailored harem, tribal print bag and brogue outfit, (Riish) - leopard print top wrapped up by a biker jacket completed by a well priced Ralph Lauren shoulder bag a thick curly mane and a pair of brogue. Simple never gets overrated, that's one rule you should know always. This is our story, sound like a remix of Gwen Stefani's Cool and Lady Gaga's Beautiful & Dirty Rich.

LiiqeRiish and Iconic Stylist Mpho Kuaho

Friday, 19 August 2011

Hello World, It's LiiqeRiish!

What is LiiqeRiish? There is Liquorice and then there is LiiqeRiish. Liquorice is that childhood favorite piece of  candy. Black, curly, cute! So sweet it could make one give up a whole year of saving for just one trip to the candy store across town. The only candy I know it it's colour, truly unique. Flavor explodes as though Zeus and Cronus just begun battle at Mount Olympus.The secret to it is the actual liquorice flavor Mulaiti. LiiqeRiish is a lifestyle, a simple but always classy. The kind you have to have. Lorraine&Randy. Punk meets Afrocentric chic for explosive style totally feminine  but completely tolerant to masculine philosophies. Style, soul & mystic. Find the flavor to your style! That's the answer. The difference between the two. For us to know and for you to find out. ;)

Lorraine(L) & Randy(R)

Lorraine(L) & Randy(R)
The Trademark

The Trademark

Randy's Inspiration



Lorraine's Inspiration

Punk Meets Afrocentric!