Monday, 22 April 2013

We're Back (To Stay. This Time)

Where have we been? We've been away perfecting our blogging martial arts. You don't get too mad at us now. (O_O)

So a little while ago we did this post with Noms and these photographs we took...gosh, they just had to be stolen. And we have Uyapo Ketogetswe of Haus of Kings to thank for these beauties.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

LiiqeRiish Galleries: Randy's Birthday

Keaboka & Randy

Is That Fuh Mee?? :)

Randy & Uyapo

Marley Woman Herself

The LiiqeRiish Pack

Randy, Chandapiwa, Katrina & Faith

Randy & Katrina

...sometimes words just taint a perfectly great way of defining something beautiful. We'll allow these photographs to speak on our behalf. That's Riish (Marley Woman, Cultured Thug) on celebrating. Take it away!
Photo Credit: Pino.K Graphy

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

LiiqeRiish Fetish: Maxi Skirts

So we've come to that season that everybody loves so much and cannot wait to jump into picnic outings, pool parties and camping trips in the wild. This season is ever so great but what's even better's that it gets better with the years for people who love style. Every year we get inspiration from the previous years for more eloquent immaculate styling. This year the rule of the game is, "less is more but more is genuinely stronger". First idea to our approach to a theme so wrapped in riddles is this, MAXI SKIRTS...the future, beautiful MAXI SKIRTS.
Maxi skirts are made in comfortable fabrics that are not only in beautiful designs but in great feminine colors too. From pleats to high-waist flows to angelic chiffon and see-throughs. With all the great designs these beauties are in we have to make sure that they keep their elegance with every outfit. Here are a few ideas
1. Solid Colored Maxis: These like jeans are a styling's kindergarten. You can go with floral crop-tops for a bohemian free-spirited feel, wooden bangles to go with that and and a pair of toe-relaxing sandals. Pair them with Breton striped tops for a more feminine Coco Chanel look with ballet pumps and a chic sling bag. You can choose from a range of to designs, prints and texture because these make very little noise so being playful with the rules is allowed. 

2. Stripped Maxis: Here, you're allowed to be playful but there has to be boundaries. It's edge to pair a striped maxi with a floral loose vest but the moment it becomes a entire kindergarten mural of polka dotted sunnies, floral top, tartan loafer and largely exaggerated croc-skin hand-bag you have to know to slow it down. Stripes are already a bit of a statement on their own, when you go for outfits with striped skirts remember to always keep it chic and classy with minimal color and minimal accessorizing.

3. Floral Maxis: For these just always lean with the solid color tops, it doesn't necessarily have to be a matching color but the coordination obviously must be felt by an over-looker. Floral maxis may have a potential of making a statement if worked well throughout the outfit. Don't make the mistake of wearing a floral maxi with an aztec print top and have neon colored accessories that's matching the shoes and the hair (unless you want to be recruited to show-case at the city museum)

4. Printed Maxis: From aztec to tribal to digital, you name it. All of these can be summed up in one simple rule. Minimalism is key.

Festival Maxi Skirt Styling

Bold Colors + Bold Print = Absolute DO!

Mid-waist Belted Maxi, More Elegant.

Music Festivals
♥Art Exhibitions
♥Relaxed Dates
♥Fashion Week
♥Picnic Outings

Saturday, 4 August 2012

#GFW2012 Update

So now we're basically just counting down hours, today we were in Falcon Crest Suites doing fittings and just doing logistics on how the shows will be done. It was the "awesomeness" experience. We got to see the designs before they actually hit the run-way and the major fun was at getting hands on with the pieces and helping put them together. The international people will soon start arriving and at that time we must already be ready to give a show and we're far but really close. It's going to be an exhausting week of some fuel pumping,  no sleeping and eating very little. The models are well in check, designer pieces getting their finishing touches and we feel a pretty strong show coming forth! We hope you have your tickets already! Quincy Brown will be here! ;)

Punk Meets Afrocentric!