Saturday, 16 June 2012

LiiqeRiish: Grand Tomboy!

So today we're role playing our (remember Kanye & Ezra). While at we chose a few rules of being the ultimate fe(MALE) in terms of character and style. We've had enough of these silly rules that boys can't wear pink, boys don't go to the mall for clothes, boys this, boys that!

1. Real men go shopping for whatever even for mommy's sleepers
2. Real men skate, play video games and yacht
3. Real men open doors
4. Real men do wear pink 
5 Real men wouldn't mind her lipstick on his coffee mug

...and bad boys dress like this

Bad Bouys Feeling A Bit Queer

Friday, 1 June 2012

LiiqeRiish Curl: Ballet Buns (Riish)

Okay, its REALLY dry hot but Liiqe and i thought for some reason long briads would be "smart" (though it was unplanned) idea .. but style has to be comfortable ... and what's more comfortable than a classy high ballet bun. Brings out all that pretty, the smile simply refuses to go away. You go completely ballerina. So serene, so beautiful. (:


Riish's Bun

Punk Meets Afrocentric!