Thursday, 31 May 2012


Well, after every bear hunt, hunters have to have stories to tell. We went looking for stylish other candy like us and bouy oh bouy did we blend in with the candy of Gaborone. Aaah man, we totally felt like candy sharkies with all the flashing light, friends and fashion. The LiiqeRiish's side of the story is nice but the actual party was mind blowing! 



Just Dance.

The Ladies With The Look

XX LiiqeRiish

Monday, 28 May 2012

L'Automne Noir

Enough with all the colorful summer and spring that seemed to turn everyone into a candy kebab at a carnival. In LiiqeRiish black we'd like to happy embrace and welcome a lining of these uninteresting slightly cold days in style. Fall is never exciting because of all these layering jobs that we have to do, makes us look a bit out of shape at times and sometimes suffocates us a little. Where there's a LiiqeRiish however there's a way. :)

#StayStylish Folks!


Punk Meets Afrocentric!