Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LiiqeRiish Styling: Lapologa Magazine

Incase we're all wondering where the *beep did LiiqeRiish go to? Well we have an answer. We have been in school focusing on getting distinctions only. :) (Ok, that is a big lie! Hey, but we're not too far from B+) Besides school we have two jobs each working freelance on what we do best for personal style nip tucks. We also have been working on separate magazines. Hope you're excited that we're here as we are. We're starting a new page called the LiiqeRiish Curl. This is to show what it's like to be a college student studying something entirely different from what you're passionate about and keeping good hand on both places. :) LiiqeRiish magic!

Styling by Riish for Lapologa Magazine

Punk Meets Afrocentric!