Friday, 30 September 2011

"I Witnessed It!" (Botswana Independence Freedom Bash)

 Last night we stepped out in style with the stylish high society of Gaborone to witness one of the most amazing performances by some of Botswana and South Africa's most amazing performers.  I swear dancing with stars has never felt so good!

Zakes Bantwini

Tumie Ramsden

 Thato "Scar" Matlhabaphiri and Nicole Laxman

Basadi Molelekeng

Kele Ratshipo

Game "Zeus" Bantsi with Riish

Liiqe with Game "Zeus" Bantsi

Michael "Dignash" Morapedi with Riish

Liiqe (L) with Michael "Dignash" Morapedi

Designer Theo Rags

Lots of Love LiiqeRiish

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Everybody Is Ugly (Trending Topic)

...and then came the new millennium, one that had been predicted to be end of the world? Scared but we really need not be. It's clusters of knowledge that we only must re-arrange into a superficial set that keep making us trip and fall. We've watched life change. It has changed, from an organised close minded kind to a more diverse and free-will existing paradigm. Geek is now cool, dogs have spas, there is a whole that'sbased on telling peoplewhat to do and ugly has become the new cool. Haute couture has trapped us in it's nasty little game but it's so pleasurable that everybody wants to be ugly and so they gonowhere. You wonder how two semi-ugly kids from some small town keep making such huge impressions, ugly has made a beautiful transformation. ;) 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Botswana Independence Freedom Bash | Wear It Right

Sparks of public holiday, warm ardent smiles all the way shisanyamas and all the festivities we all get up to during the ever so electrifying Botswana Independence holidays. Now when you are told you that you'll be partying with the likes of Zakes Bantwini (they say he's SA's Andre3000), we'll wrack the dance-floor all the way to the basement! Enough with the fantasies, what to wear...we know!!

Oxford shoes+ Plain White Tee+ Cropped Chinos+ Light Cardi+ Indie Pendant= Sophisticated Metro-sexual.

Maroon Skinny Jeans+ Tartan Blazer+ Plain Tee+ Multiple layered neckpiece+ Boat Shoes = Serious City Boy 

Chinos+ Converse Sneakers+ Plain Tee+ White Belt = Playful Music Man

Denim Jacket+ Floral Top+ Cropped Chinos+ Tan Shoulder Bag+ Brogues = I'm no sheep!

Light Striped Jacket+ White Shirt+ Denim Shorts+Lace Bra+ Ankle Boots+ Pink Wrist Watch = Little Miss "All Eyes On Me"

Lace Dress+ Skinny Leather Belt+ Tan Ankle Boots= FashiC

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lolly Loud Liiqe| Lorraine Kinnear

...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! Much rock&roll less seriousness. Non-conformist following philosophies of creative happy people living life simply limitless. All I want is to drive a huge pick-up truck, build a house with a bathroom I can play baseball in. Sweet Stefani Germanotta and Alexander McQueen stay firm on my path to my future, quite the stylish GPS. Skip me right through to president, I want to sip champagne with Monroe and Madonna of the past. Fashion is my passion, style makes me smile!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Male Version

Stop Ricky he's running too fast! Not every one of them is as bad as they seem to be, in fact in theory we will put down these words. We all keep a well cordinated balance between our anima and animus, it's in the nature of human beings. That means the girly sweet verified style you keep has a male counterpart and in most cases exploring what the male counterpart of your soul would be wearing is much more fun than your redundant and sticky self. Step out of that line, explore that male version. Carved well by you this masculine piece will be great, like your own voo-doo doll. Can be destructed and remade for that swagged all out "if i were a boy" perfect! Riish & Liiqe keep thinking about it...Kanye & Ezra?!

Bold Riish For Kanye West

Eccentric Liiqe For Ezra Miller

Monday, 19 September 2011

Botswana Fashion Week (Stylist's Picks)

For the love of fashion LiiqeRiish went exploring somewhere between Gaborone CBD and Cresta Lodge for some inspiration. Media has been shooting bombs at the show but from us our opinion is entirely different. Young Batswana designers, make-up artists, photographers and models came together to bring a tswanatastic show. From day one the designs were phenomenal, we got our hands dirty with all we could get our hands on. The experience was completely romantic, we got much closer to fashion. Day two was brought on with such brilliance,  the crown was great, the designers super-excited the models too fierce and we're just charmed and cannot wait for next year's show so we can sit front-row and see all the magic happen from less than 30cm away. Here's what we liked!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Watcha Ma Call Em??

It's against the rules they say, in whose books. There really is nothing that's out of line in the Liiqeriish community, you just have to make sure that the theoretical part of what you want to do makes sense (you gutta back it up). Every soul is too liberated to notice and judge some things. For all we know wearing our cardigans backward could be the next huge thing, the same way geek frames are now in style but not a single soul wanted to be associated with those things even by a meter just less than 5 years ago. Things that evolve just don't involve rules, plain and simple! LiiqeRiish. ;)

Punk Meets Afrocentric!