Thursday, 19 April 2012

LiiqeRiish X The Voice Newspaper

Sure we're 90s babies but who says we can't rock the 50s a la femme fetale, 60s a la metrosexuelle, 70s  a la Brit Punk and 80s a la retro hard?? The beauty of being born after a retrospect of perfection in style is that you're at liberty to choose, mix that with this to get that and voila, soon enough it'll feel like magic. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Next Model To Watch: David Billboard

Just in case you've been wondering who that kid sizzling Gaborone runways is then you have come to the right place for a nice little session of breaking it down to you. David Billboard is the billboard guy, with a kink that's not to be ignored by anyone. It's so hot! He's the model kid on Gemstone. Exhausted the hot shows in and scoring himself the title of Best Male Model at Botswana Fashion Week in 2011. Upon starting a page on Facebook just recently he now has over 400 likes and by the way he's still just a college student by the way so imagine what would happen if we actually turned him into a full time model in Fashion Capitals of the world. Speaking of that, that we can do. Follow these links and take David to New York, Paris, Milan. Remember, one gemvote can change the world...for a good friend, favourite runway boy. 

Punk Meets Afrocentric!