Saturday, 4 August 2012

#GFW2012 Update

So now we're basically just counting down hours, today we were in Falcon Crest Suites doing fittings and just doing logistics on how the shows will be done. It was the "awesomeness" experience. We got to see the designs before they actually hit the run-way and the major fun was at getting hands on with the pieces and helping put them together. The international people will soon start arriving and at that time we must already be ready to give a show and we're far but really close. It's going to be an exhausting week of some fuel pumping,  no sleeping and eating very little. The models are well in check, designer pieces getting their finishing touches and we feel a pretty strong show coming forth! We hope you have your tickets already! Quincy Brown will be here! ;)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

GFW: The Count Down's Begun

So with the slight assumption that we've been missed while we keep doing our MIA stunts we've decided hey let's make this space shine. We'll just say we've been working hard on one of the most exciting things that any stylist could dream on doing at least once upon a time. We're working with the Fashion Week team. Behind the scene with the awesome likes of Shike Olsen, Koketso Chiepe, Botho Botocy Chalebgwa, the list is really exhausting so let us not get much into it. We'll be blogging every single detail through it, just keep your eyes glued to our Tumblr and our Twitter Page. That doesn't mean we won't be showing off our awesome experience here. Now that it's the second of August we're exactly 8 days away from Fashion Weekend! This Is Such An Exciting Thought! Let's Go GFW 2012!



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