Friday, 19 August 2011

Hello World, It's LiiqeRiish!

What is LiiqeRiish? There is Liquorice and then there is LiiqeRiish. Liquorice is that childhood favorite piece of  candy. Black, curly, cute! So sweet it could make one give up a whole year of saving for just one trip to the candy store across town. The only candy I know it it's colour, truly unique. Flavor explodes as though Zeus and Cronus just begun battle at Mount Olympus.The secret to it is the actual liquorice flavor Mulaiti. LiiqeRiish is a lifestyle, a simple but always classy. The kind you have to have. Lorraine&Randy. Punk meets Afrocentric chic for explosive style totally feminine  but completely tolerant to masculine philosophies. Style, soul & mystic. Find the flavor to your style! That's the answer. The difference between the two. For us to know and for you to find out. ;)

Lorraine(L) & Randy(R)

Lorraine(L) & Randy(R)
The Trademark

The Trademark

Randy's Inspiration



Lorraine's Inspiration

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