Thursday, 1 March 2012

LiiqeRiish Curl: Les Grand Kinks (Liiqe)

So anyway besides the fact that we all grew up knowing that straight hair is the most awesome thing that can happen to any woman, I (Liiqe) plead to disagree. S'il vous plait?? Disney, staight hair is not the most cool thing about princesses. I choose kinky hair over anything and do note that I'm a cool kid so my opinion matters a lot. This is influenced by women of the 80s. The 80s, fashion's most arrogant era. Yes, we all love that era don't we?? Hair is the soul of any outfit so best we do what is best for us and this is me! This is me more especially when it's my natural hair color. It's the kink in my hair that'll make sure you stop and stare. I'm just finishing off my last days of being a teen (cool kid), some attention is nice for this time! :)

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