Monday, 26 September 2011

Botswana Independence Freedom Bash | Wear It Right

Sparks of public holiday, warm ardent smiles all the way shisanyamas and all the festivities we all get up to during the ever so electrifying Botswana Independence holidays. Now when you are told you that you'll be partying with the likes of Zakes Bantwini (they say he's SA's Andre3000), we'll wrack the dance-floor all the way to the basement! Enough with the fantasies, what to wear...we know!!

Oxford shoes+ Plain White Tee+ Cropped Chinos+ Light Cardi+ Indie Pendant= Sophisticated Metro-sexual.

Maroon Skinny Jeans+ Tartan Blazer+ Plain Tee+ Multiple layered neckpiece+ Boat Shoes = Serious City Boy 

Chinos+ Converse Sneakers+ Plain Tee+ White Belt = Playful Music Man

Denim Jacket+ Floral Top+ Cropped Chinos+ Tan Shoulder Bag+ Brogues = I'm no sheep!

Light Striped Jacket+ White Shirt+ Denim Shorts+Lace Bra+ Ankle Boots+ Pink Wrist Watch = Little Miss "All Eyes On Me"

Lace Dress+ Skinny Leather Belt+ Tan Ankle Boots= FashiC

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