Friday, 23 September 2011

Male Version

Stop Ricky he's running too fast! Not every one of them is as bad as they seem to be, in fact in theory we will put down these words. We all keep a well cordinated balance between our anima and animus, it's in the nature of human beings. That means the girly sweet verified style you keep has a male counterpart and in most cases exploring what the male counterpart of your soul would be wearing is much more fun than your redundant and sticky self. Step out of that line, explore that male version. Carved well by you this masculine piece will be great, like your own voo-doo doll. Can be destructed and remade for that swagged all out "if i were a boy" perfect! Riish & Liiqe keep thinking about it...Kanye & Ezra?!

Bold Riish For Kanye West

Eccentric Liiqe For Ezra Miller

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