Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Everybody Is Ugly (Trending Topic)

...and then came the new millennium, one that had been predicted to be end of the world? Scared but we really need not be. It's clusters of knowledge that we only must re-arrange into a superficial set that keep making us trip and fall. We've watched life change. It has changed, from an organised close minded kind to a more diverse and free-will existing paradigm. Geek is now cool, dogs have spas, there is a whole that'sbased on telling peoplewhat to do and ugly has become the new cool. Haute couture has trapped us in it's nasty little game but it's so pleasurable that everybody wants to be ugly and so they gonowhere. You wonder how two semi-ugly kids from some small town keep making such huge impressions, ugly has made a beautiful transformation. ;) 

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