Saturday, 10 September 2011

Girls Just Wanna Talk Loud

Don't we all remember being five years old and all life was all about castles and prince charmings. How we all dreamt of one day living in a house that is made of chocolate mousse and never quite figured why grown-ups would always look at us funny whenever we did. You turn 13 and the color pink isn't as charming as it used to be. You start to collect little things that don't make sense to you because it's supposedly some norm at junior high school. Best friends become enemies, school gets meaner and eventually you want to work for a forensics crimes department...huh! We all need a break, this lifetime is too fast. Can't we all just find our fit the same way we find our shoes?? Everything would just be so easy wouldn't it?? We just want to talk loud!!! Now Imagine That As A Photograph :)

Talking loud doesn't necessarily require words!

LiiqeRiish (Lorraine & Randy)

How loud yet so serene...

Riish(R) is quiet the social butterfly; Two new friends, yay us!!

Uyapo Ketogetwe of Haus of Kings & LiiqeRiish


Riish (Randy Nkwe)

Liiqe (Lorraine Kinnear)

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