Monday, 12 September 2011

Home store/120 store: a little place called heaven

A warm welcoming home setting with great music, shopping like it has never been done before. A store that's here today and gone tomorrow, leaving such a great impression upon those who visit. I whole store dedicated to you while you take a look at everything. Taking your time while you're at it. Relaxed, shaking all your troubles off with some retail therapy. And the most amazing attraction about the store is that all the clothes are P120**. I don't think I know anybody in my circle of friends that would say no to that. All these clothes fresh out of London, all well tailored and preserved all too well also. Great brands from H&M to ASOS and Dorothy Perkins. Almost too good to be true right, it's right here in Gaborone. The 120 store, that being because everyone gets something for just P120.00.

About The Owner
Name: Desiree
Works As: Life Coach (based in London)
Likes: Yoga
Random Fact: Calls Her Store A "pop-up" store, here today gone tomorrow
Our First Impression Of Her: A stylishly sophisticated woman in an effortless manner.

Dorothy Perkins
TK Maxx

JUST P120.00 gorgeous shoes, accessories, clothes...and more clothes!

Please forward all your questions to this mail and we'll answer right away.
Appoint to go shopping at this little heaven??
Let's Shop!

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